Tänze MISFITS (2004-2024)


1000 Mal    (10/2016)

3 Tequila Floor    (6/2023)

6's to 9's   (12/2023)


A Place in the Sun    (2014)


Addicted To Love

Af En Af   (2014)

Ai Te Se Eu Pego (Nossa,Nossa)

Ain't Gone Yet   (4/2024)

Ain't Misbehavin'   (5/2016)

AlA BiN   (12/2018)

All Summer Long

All on Me   (6/2020)

All about that Bass   (2014)

All this time

Alpen Polka   (9/2015)

Amame   (2014)

Ami Oh


Andalouse    (1/2023)

And get it On    (10/2015)

Anybody Wanna Pray

Anyone for you   (5/2022)

Arrow   (6/2018)

As I Walk   (10/2017)

As long as you love me   (9/2021)

Asi Echame La Culpa AB   (3/2018)

Atemlos    (2014)

Athens Grease

Auf Uns   (5/2015)

Ay Amor



Baby Burlesque    (4/2016)

Backstreet Attitude    (2015)

Bad Influence

Bad Romance

Be Bopa Lula

Be Mine   (6/2017, 3/2018)

Beach Bop Boogie    (2014)

Beautiful Madness    (10/2020)

Beer for my horses

Bella Ciao   (11/2018)

Beneath your beautiful    (2014)

Best Friend   (3/2018)

Bethlehem Child   (11/2018)

Better Times    (2015)

Better to know the devil   (9/2018)

Beware of the Dog

Beyonce's Country   (4/2024)

Big, Blonde & Beautiful

Billy Jean

Black Cat    (2015)

Black Coffee   (3/2019)

Black Velvet    (2014)

Bosa Nova

Blue Note

Bluebird    (2014)

Bobbie Sue

Bobby Jo

Bonaparte's Retreat    (2/2020)

Boogie & Stomp

Boom Boom Clap    (11/2022)

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Born this Way


Boys and a girl thing    (1/2024)

Break your Heart

Bring me Down

Brother   (2/2018)

Burning Love

Buy Me A Drink


Cabo San Lucas

Cajun Thang

California Girls

Call me Senorita Ooh   (9/2019)

Call my Name (Pietro Style)

Calm   (3/2018)

Can you hear it    (9/2016)

Can't get much higher   (10/2015)

Can't stop loving you    (2014)

Canadian Stomp   (4/2018)

Caribbean Pearl    (4/2016)

Catch and release    (9/2016)

Caught In The Act

Caught in the Moonlight    (2014)

Caught in the Rain    (10/2017)

Celtic Heartbeat    (2014)

Celtic Kittens

Cha Cha with Me



Chattahoochee   (2/2018)

Cheap Thrills    (3/2017)

Cheerleader    (3/2020)

Cheeseburger    (2/2020)

Cherry on Top    (1/2020)

Chica Boom Boom    (3/2017)


Chill Factor

Christmas On Tour   (11/2023)

Christmas Time

Clap Snap    (9/2017)

Coastin'    (2014, 2/2024)

Cold Heart    (10/2021)

Come Dance With Me    (9/2019)


Cooler than cool    (7/2020)

Cooler than me

Cotton Eyed Cowboy

Could You be Loved

Country 2 Step   (12/2023)

Country Roads (Contra Dance)

Country Walkin'

Cowboi Boogie   (12/2023)

Cowgirl's Twist

Crazy Foot Mambo    (6/2015)

Crazy Lover    (3/2022)

Cry To Me

Cuba Nights

Cuban Motion

Cupid Shuffle   (3/2018)

Cute! Cute! Cute!    (5/2015)

Cyber Drop    (9/2022)



Dame (Touch Me)

Dance Sumpthin'

Dancing in the Dark

Dancing with a Stranger   (4/2019, 1/2020 )

Danza Kuduro

Darlin'   (10/2018, 3/2024)


Deep Sea Party   (1/2020)


Devil in Disguise

Dhoom Dhoom

Diddley Dee   (3/2016)


Do It   (2014)

Do that to me one more time

Do You Love Me

Don't be stupid

Don't Cha

Don't be so shy   (11/2016)

Don't you wish it was true

Down to Dublin   (10/2016)

Dream Cloud   (6/2019)

Drunken Dreams   (4/2017, 2/2019)

Dueling Banjos


Easier Touch


El Merengue   (2/2024)

El Mismo Sol    (9/2015)

Electric Slide   (4/2018)

Enough is Enough   (1/2018, 11/2023)

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Evacuate the Dancefloor

Everbody Gonfi Gone

Everybody Smile

Everyone Needs a Hero    (3/2023)

Everything to me

Everything to us    (3/2016)

Expresso & Tschianti    (9/2022)

Eye Candy    (9/2021, 9/2023)


F**king Perfect

Fall in Love

Familiar   (5/2018)

Farwest Boy   (9/2023)

Feel it in my Bones   (5/2019)  

Feelin' High

Feeling Hot   (6/2018)

Firestorm    (2014)

First Stomp    (2014)

Fisher's Hornpipe

Fly High    (2014)

Footloose   (1/2024)


Fresh   (9/2023)

Funky Chicken


Get Down On It

Ghost Train (Sirtaki)   (5/2018)

Giant   (3/2019)

Girl Crush

Gives me Shivers   (6/2022)

Go Johnny Go 

Gone West    (11/2019)

Good Time    (10/2019)

Good to Go   (9/2021)

Gotta Be Somebody

Grace Kelly

Gravity is a Bitch

Green Green Grass    (10/2022)

Groovy Love   (9/2018)

Gypsy Queen   (11/2016)



Hanging Tree   (2015)

Happy   (2014)

Havana Ooh   (11/2017)

Have I told you lately

Have you ever seen the Rain   (10/2018)

He drinks Tequila

He rocks a little   (2014)

Head to Toes   (10/2020, 2/2024)

Heart Ache

Hearts And Flowers

Heaven   (4/2018)

Heaven is for Everyone

Hernandos Hideaway

Herzbeben   (3/2019)

Hey Brother

Hey Hey   (3/2018)

Hickory Lake

Hillbilly Girl   (3/2019)

Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll

History   (5/2016, 3/2020)

Ho Ho Quick Quick Slow

Hold   (2/2017)

Hold Back the River   (2015)

Hold Me NOW    (5/2024)

Hot Tamales

Hot´N Cold

Hotshot   (9/2018)

House Of Blue Lights    (4/2023)

Hung Up

Hush Hush


I can't stop loving you

I don't feel like dancing

I need to know   (4/2019)

I need your Love   (2014)

I saw Linda yesterday   (2014)

I wanna praise you   (9/2023)

I wish I knew you before

I'm Crazy
I'm on my way   (9/2022)

I'll be your man

If you wanna be happy

Iko Iko   (6/2021)

Inferno (Circle)

Irish Stew

Islands in the Stream   (12/2018)

Isn't she lovely   (6/2018)

It's Ma Cowboy (Fasching)

It's your World Now

It's A Love Thing   (5/2018)


Jai Ho (Slum Dog Millionaire)

Jerusalema   (9/2020, 9/2021)   

Jump in the Line

Just a Memory

Just add Moonlight    (11/2015, 10/2020)

Just the Way You Are

Just too Much


Karen's Cha

Katchi   (10/2017)

Keep my Cool   (1/2016)

Kill The Spiders

King of the Road    (10/2019)

Kiss & Make Up

Kiss Me Kiss Me

Knockin' Boots   (9/2019)

Knockin' on Wood    (2015, 11/2019, 11/2021)


Ladies Night

Lay here with me    (11/2019, 1/2020)

Leaving Of Liverpool

Letcha Get Smooth

Let's go to church   (11/2017)

Let's Say Something   (5/2018)

Lied about Love    (4/2023)

Little bit nervous   (10/2018)

Little Red Book    (2/2023)

Little Rumba    (11/2021, 11/2023)

Live to Love Another Day

Loca   (4/2019)

Lonely Drum   (10/2017)

Loosen Up!

Lose Control   (4/2024)

Love 2 Cha Cha

Love Guarantee   (10/2015)

Love Hurts Without You

Love my life   (12/2016)

Love on the brain   (3/2017)

Love To Cha Cha

Lucky Lips   (6/2023)


Madhouse to the Max

Make It Up

Make my Day

Make this Day   (2013)

Make you Stay   (4/2018)

Makin' Tracks


Mama Loo   (2015)

Mamma Maria   (2014)

Margarita Cha

Marie   (10/2020)

Marry that Girl   (2014)

Mars Attack

Mein Herz

Mercury Blues

Merry Christmas Everyone

Mi Rowsu (Tuintje in Mijn Hart)


Mr. Luver

Muffin by the Pool   (6/2016)

My Bestie   (6/2022)

My Girl Crush   (2/2018, 10/2019)

My Greek No 1

My Middle Name   (2/2017)

My Pretty Belinda   (2/2016)


Nancy Mulligan   (3/2017)

Natural   (2/2019)  

Neon Moon Cha   (2014, 4/2023)

Never drinking again   (4/2024)

New Thang   (2/2016)

No Worries


Not Fair   (3/2020) 

Not so Ordinary   (2015)

Not your color   (1/2017)

Nothin' Country



Oh Carol   (5/2019)

On Fire

On The Water

One Call Away  (4/2016, 2/2019) 

One more time   (3/2018)

Only human   (10/2016)

Others   (2014)

Out of Goodbyes

Over My Shoulder

Over the Moon   (4/2018)



Paradise Cha

Pata Pata

Perfect   (11/2017)

Picnic Polka   (2014)

Pina Colada

Pizziricco   (1/2018)


Pontoon   (2015)

Por Ti Sere   (3/2016)


Portland Cha   (9/2022)

Power Over Me    (1/2019)

Pretty Girl    (2/2020)

Pump it

Purr Kitty


Quando Me Emorado

Quarter after One   (2014)


Real Man

Rebel d'Amor

Red Hot Salsa

Redneck Girl

Reet Petite   (2014, 11/2023)

Regenbogenfarben (5/2019)  

Rhyme or Reason   (3/2019)

Rio   (1/2024)

Rise like a phoenix   (2014)

Rita's Waltz   (2015, 2/2019)

Rock Paper Scissors   (2015)

Rocket to the Sun   (5/2023)

Rock me Amadeus

Rockin'   (1/2018, 4/2019)

Rocks   (2/2018)

Rodeo Blue

Rolling in the Deep

Rooftop   (12/2017)


Rose Garden    (2015, 10/2019)

Running Love Stomp   (2015)


Samba of Love


Say you want me   (12/2018)

See me rise   (10/2022)

Send my Love   (12/2015)

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Shackles   (4/2022)


Shape it up   (10/2021)

Shut Up and Dance   (2015)

Simplemente (a.k.a. Heaven Sent)

Sing O-A-O   (1/2016)

Single White Female

Ski Bumps (Black Velvet)

Slidin' Home

Slip Away Cha

Slippery   (10/2020)

Slow Low   (12/2023)

Smooth Operator

Snowman   (3/2022, 11/2023)

So just dance dance dance   (6/2019, 1/2024)

Solo Humano

Some Girls

Somebody like You    (10/2019)

Something in the Water

Soul Shake    (12/2019, 1/2020)

Southern Delight

Sowieso   (9/2017)

Stand by me (Ultrabeginner)   (4/2023)

Stand by Me (Bachata)

Stars over Texas

Stomp down   (4+6/2020)

Storm and Stone    (3/2023)

Straight to Memphis   (4/2016)

Straight Up

Stroll Along Cha Cha    (2015)

Stuck on You   (10/2018)

Sugar & Pai   (10/2015)

Summer Romance

Summerfly    (2/2017, 9/2019)

Sunshine and Whiskey   (2015)

Sweet Caroline   (3/2018)

Sweet Confessions    (12/2019, 1/2020)

Sweetness of your Love




Take it Easy

Take me home, Country Road (Hermes)

Te Busque

That Love   (10/2018)

The Angels Cry

The Belle of Liverpool   (10/2017)

The Boat to Liverpool   (2015)

The Captain   (6/2021)

The Git Up   (9/2019)

The Last Hurrah   (5/2023)

The Lazy Song

The Queen    (11/2019)

The Rose

The Trail   (9/2015)

There you go    (1/2020)

Third Rate Romance

This & That   (2015)

This little light   (12/2019)

Those Russians    (3/2016, 1/2023)

Thriller   (2014)

Ticket to Heaven   (2015)

Ticket to the Blues   (3/2016)

Tik Tok

Til the Neon's Gone   (5/2022)

Timber   (2014)

Ting Ting   (11/2018)

Toes   (10/2015)

Together Forever

Toss the feathers

Trespassing   (2014, 4/2019)

Trick me

Trust me a little   (1/2018, 2/2019)

Tune it up, Boys!

Turn it up   (10/2023)

Two Pina Coladas


Un Gaou a Oran

Unchain my Heart

Under the Sun

Uptown Funk   (5/2015)

Urban Living

Useless Excuses   (11/2023)



Versions of you    (2/2023)

Von Allein   (11/2021)


Wagon Wheel Rock   (6/2016, 3/2019, 9/2019)


Walk   (2015)

Walking Backwards

Want to want me   (5/2015)

Wave on Wave   (11/2018)

Way down we go    (4/2017, 11/2023)

We no speak Americano

We Remember

We stand together

Well Swung   (11/2016)

We're Alive   (2014, 9/2021)

Western Express

What a man gotta do    (6/2020)

When it's over

When you smile   (11/2019, 4/2020)

When We Stand Together

Who wouldn't wanna be me

Whole again    (1/2023)

Why me    (1/2020)

Will the Circle be unbroken

Winter Wonderland

Wobble   (3/2016)


Won't let you go

Work, Work   (5/2017)




Yeah, I got this   (9/2018)

Yippy I A

You are so beautiful

You are the reason baby   (6/2018)

You hate me   (11/2017)

You only die once   (2014)

Your Little Heart (Ton Petit Cœur)   (9/2023)


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